Monday, 10 January 2011

50 facts about me!

1. I am madly inlove with my boyfriend.
2. I only have 2 best friends. Both I have had in my life since forever.
3. I have left school within the last year.
4. I absolutely love The Wanted far too much.
5. I have met the friends that i want in my life forever since September.
6. I can be very shy.
7. Im obsessed with Pixie Lott.
8. If there was any celebrities that i would want brought back to life, one would be Marilyn Monroe, the other Heath Ledger.
9. I wish I looked cooler.
10. Favourite celebrities are ; Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne, Jodie Marsh.
11. I know i may not be the prettiest girl, but i also know Im not the ugliest.
12. Bruce Springsteen is my idol right now. His music is like oxygen in my life. I need it!
13. I wish I liked seafood but i don't.
14. I get very insecure, mainly over silly things.
15. Im currently learning to drive.
16. I love the countryside, and being away from the rest of the world.
17. I couldn't live without music, especially Bruce Springsteen, or The Wanted.
18. Im currently training to become a nanny.
19. I couldn't live without my phone. Samsung Europa its so much better than am iphone or blackberry.
20. I wear 3 layers of foundation, but don't look orange.
21. I love a lot of eye make up.
22. I want to eat more healthy, but don't want to lose weight.
23. I wanna do more exercise such as running, and yoga.
24. I love kfc gravy
25. My boyfriend is my best friend and my soulmate.
26. I let go of certain people when I left school, for reasons that they weren't true anymore. I don't regret it.
27. The girls I've met at college are amazing, and i love them to death!
28. I adopt a dolphin called Sundance.
29. Kelly Osbournes autobiography is one of my favourite books ever! :']
30. I am currently studying childcare at college, but not sure that's what i want to do.
31. Come dine with me & 90210 are my favourite tv programmes. Silver from 90210 is one of my favourite style icons.
32. I wish i was Italian, or from LA.
33. I still love Lindsay Lohan, even after the drugs. She's stunning.
34. I used to be one of the boys, but now I couldn't be more girly.
35. Im a serious lightweight and i know it, so you'll hardly see me drinking.
36. I love writing.
37. I can't write messy. I find it impossible.
38. I love WALL.E, The notebook, ps. I love you, and ghost.
39. I hate Glee.
40. I love the snow and sunshine, but hate wind and rain.
41. I don't really care if my hair isn't perfect.
42. Purple and pink are my favourite colours.
43. I have my special teddy bears.
44. I love kisses from my boyfriend, especially on my lips, cheek, or forehead.
45. I love hugs, hug me? :']
46. I love lyrics and quotes.
47. I love Marilyn Monroe.
48. I love having a tan. Prefer real to fake, but i also detest sunbeds.
49. I bite my nails, but i don't when i have acrylics on. Shame i can't afford it all the time.
50. My life isn't perfect but i love it. Amazing boyfriend, family and the girls. Its pretty damm good. 2011 is my year!
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