Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I got engaged on Saturday 15th January 2011! I am extremely happy, and have never felt so amazing and secure in my own skin!

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Monday, 10 January 2011

50 facts about me!

1. I am madly inlove with my boyfriend.
2. I only have 2 best friends. Both I have had in my life since forever.
3. I have left school within the last year.
4. I absolutely love The Wanted far too much.
5. I have met the friends that i want in my life forever since September.
6. I can be very shy.
7. Im obsessed with Pixie Lott.
8. If there was any celebrities that i would want brought back to life, one would be Marilyn Monroe, the other Heath Ledger.
9. I wish I looked cooler.
10. Favourite celebrities are ; Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne, Jodie Marsh.
11. I know i may not be the prettiest girl, but i also know Im not the ugliest.
12. Bruce Springsteen is my idol right now. His music is like oxygen in my life. I need it!
13. I wish I liked seafood but i don't.
14. I get very insecure, mainly over silly things.
15. Im currently learning to drive.
16. I love the countryside, and being away from the rest of the world.
17. I couldn't live without music, especially Bruce Springsteen, or The Wanted.
18. Im currently training to become a nanny.
19. I couldn't live without my phone. Samsung Europa its so much better than am iphone or blackberry.
20. I wear 3 layers of foundation, but don't look orange.
21. I love a lot of eye make up.
22. I want to eat more healthy, but don't want to lose weight.
23. I wanna do more exercise such as running, and yoga.
24. I love kfc gravy
25. My boyfriend is my best friend and my soulmate.
26. I let go of certain people when I left school, for reasons that they weren't true anymore. I don't regret it.
27. The girls I've met at college are amazing, and i love them to death!
28. I adopt a dolphin called Sundance.
29. Kelly Osbournes autobiography is one of my favourite books ever! :']
30. I am currently studying childcare at college, but not sure that's what i want to do.
31. Come dine with me & 90210 are my favourite tv programmes. Silver from 90210 is one of my favourite style icons.
32. I wish i was Italian, or from LA.
33. I still love Lindsay Lohan, even after the drugs. She's stunning.
34. I used to be one of the boys, but now I couldn't be more girly.
35. Im a serious lightweight and i know it, so you'll hardly see me drinking.
36. I love writing.
37. I can't write messy. I find it impossible.
38. I love WALL.E, The notebook, ps. I love you, and ghost.
39. I hate Glee.
40. I love the snow and sunshine, but hate wind and rain.
41. I don't really care if my hair isn't perfect.
42. Purple and pink are my favourite colours.
43. I have my special teddy bears.
44. I love kisses from my boyfriend, especially on my lips, cheek, or forehead.
45. I love hugs, hug me? :']
46. I love lyrics and quotes.
47. I love Marilyn Monroe.
48. I love having a tan. Prefer real to fake, but i also detest sunbeds.
49. I bite my nails, but i don't when i have acrylics on. Shame i can't afford it all the time.
50. My life isn't perfect but i love it. Amazing boyfriend, family and the girls. Its pretty damm good. 2011 is my year!
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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Diary of a stylish daughter..

8-1-11, my wish upon this year was to be a better and more confident me. 8 days into it, and I can honestly say, I've never felt this amazing. I'm comfortable enough to have my own style, and finally not being judged for how i look has helped. I ditched the ones who done nothing but put me down, and the ones who made me feel bad about myself. Also, the ones I couldn't trust.

I'd never be able to give my style a stereotype, nor would I say I'd fit myself into just one. My personal opinion is I can fit into them all, depending on how i feel.

I don't feel comfortable enough to wear dresses, or skirts, and I'm also far too addicted to wearing long shirts with leggings. It is the one look I can guarantee to feel sexy in. So what's your comfort style?

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"We lost contact, as time passed by. Each year, here and gone. I missed you, every minute of those days that went by. Friends lose contact everyday, friends drift apart, i know. But you're special. More than my best friend. You're as close as a sister, and i will always love you.". I made this quote, and dedicate it to my best friend. :)
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"you are my friend because you know too much." "Nothing can break what we've got, we could conquer the world, if we wanted to."

A tribute and dedication to my best friend.

"You're my best friend because you know too much."

That isn't typically true about us, you're my best friend because no matter how many times we drift our separate ways, or when i fuck up most, you always turn up and support me through.

I've known you since primary 1, best friends since forever. We've been through the hardest of times together. I will always be here for you.

I know you are probably going through one of the scariest times in your life, but you will be an amazing mum.

We lost contact for ages, and i could seriously say there isn't a day gone by when i never thought about you. Heather, you are my bestest friend in the whole wide world. You are my sister in my eyes, and i love you!

"We can conquer the world together. Nothing can break us."
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